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2019-2020 FORMS
INITIAL SCHOOL FORMS: (Scroll down for preschool forms)

1. Application for enrollment with enrollment fee
2. Financial Agreement
3. Official Birth Certificate (new students only)
4. Identification and Emergency Information – double sided with Driver’s Insurance Form
5. Student Release Form/Medication Administration – double sided with Parental/Guardian Commitment 

(these forms must be completed and returned to the school office with registration payment in order to reserve a space)


1. Transfer students (1 – 5) 2 forms of Letter of Recommendation
2. Transfer students (6 – 8) 1 Letter of Recommendation, 1 Evaluation of Students entering Middle School Form and 1 parent statement for 6 - 8
3. Report of Health Examination for School Entry – Kindergarten only
4. Morning & Afternoon Extended Care Form
5. Parent Consent for Administration of Medications and Medication Chart
6. Assessment appointment and evaluation fee
7. Signed release for Cumulative Records of Transfer Students
8. Custody Restrictions/Orders
9. Transfer students and parents set up time to meet with administration (can coincide with the 
  assessment date)
10. School Placement Evaluation
11. Any pertinent information (medical or otherwise) that would be helpful for the school 


Please note: Printing the following forms and filling them out does not gaurantee your child a space in preschool. Contact our preschool Director, Kim Norman for class availability.

1. Application for Enrollment (page 1)
2. Acknowlegment
3. ID and Emergency Information
4. Child's Pre-admission Health History
5. Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
6. Financial Agreement
7. Pick Up Agreement
8. A Student Profile (page 1)
9. A Student Profile (page 2)
10. A Student Profile (page 3)
11. Parents' Rights
12. Personal Rights
13. Physician's Report
14. Important Information for Parent
15. Vaccine Letter
​16. Official Birth Certificate (new students only)


​Click on link above to apply for financial aid for grades K through 8.