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Trinity Lutheran School provides a strong academic and Christ-centered education to all the students who attend the school. The Mission of Trinity Lutheran School is to provide a Christ centered environment in which students perform at or above grade level in the core subject areas. The students are becoming young men and women who make decisions based on God’s Law and Gospel. They are learning to communicate and reflect God’s love and forgiveness. The students are encouraged to continue to grow spiritually and to apply God’s Word in their daily lives.  

Each class at Trinity Lutheran works to develop a strong sense of Christian community and commitment to serving others by adopting special projects at Christmas and throughout the year. Students collect coats for needy children, gather Christmas gifts and food for needy families in the surrounding areas of Paso Robles, participate in a canned food drive at Thanksgiving, and share of themselves through word and song in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Most importantly, the students at Trinity Lutheran learn to pray for one another and to support their schoolmates when times are difficult for a particular student. 

Trinity Lutheran provides a challenging cohesive curriculum that is consistent with the standards set by the State of California and is in alignment with the Core Knowledge Sequence. 

Core Knowledge curriculum is specifically implemented in the areas of Science, History, and the Fine Arts. The math and reading/literature curriculum is also aligned with the Core content. The Core Knowledge Sequence is a guide to coherent content from grade to grade, designed to encourage steady academic progress as children build their own knowledge and skills from one grade to the next. Trinity Lutheran graduates attend local high schools, both private and public, where they perform successfully. Many enter Honors and AP programs offered at the high schools. 

Students are given a strong academic education. Students are encouraged to seek awareness of and value diversity, to demonstrate literacy and listening skills and to articulate their ideas effectively, clearly and creatively. The students are also given the opportunity to work collaboratively and to set appropriate goals for themselves. The students must also learn to analyze and apply new information and develop and implement strategies to solve various problems through leading chapel, Student Council, Family Groups and classroom simulations.  


Students are provided a strong academic and Christ-centered education.
An extended Christian family environment is strongly experienced. When difficulties arise, they are resolved with Christian love.
The Core Knowledge curriculum provides steady academic progress throughout the grades.
Students perform at or above grade level as evidenced by Standardized Testing.
Students are provided with many varied and creative extended classroom opportunities.
All fifth through eighth grade students have the opportunity to participate in team sports.
Graduates, upon continuing their education, are highly successful.


The school curriculum includes the following:

Language Arts: Reading, English, Speech, Spelling, Literature, Handwriting, and Creative Writing
Mathematics: General Number Concepts, Geometry, Algebra, and Problem Solving
Science: Earth, Physical, and Life Sciences with accompanying labs
Social Science: Geography, History (World, U.S. and California), and Current Events
Fine Arts: Music Application (vocal and theory), Music Appreciation, Music History, Art Application, Art Appreciation, Art History, Drama
Physical Education: Conditioning, Physical Fitness Skills, Concepts, and Games, and After-school Extra- curricular Sports
Computer Education: Basic Computer Literacy and Word Processing
Christian Study: Worship, Bible Stories, and Memory Work

**Electives Offered to 5th thru 8th Grade, as schedules allow: Some examples are: Yearbook, Tennis, Bowling, Dance, Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD), Ceramics, Cooking, Calligraphy, Water color, Sign Language (ASL), Rocketry, Study Hall


LANGUAGE ARTS: This is a sequential program in grades K – 8. Reading emphasizes phonics and comprehension skills, syllabication, oral vocabulary, visual discrimination, phonemic/graphemic awareness. Composition emphasizes listening to phonemic/graphemic concepts, handwriting, composition rules, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation, self-expression and creativity.

MATHEMATICS: Math instruction utilizes traditional and “hands-on” activities to prepare students with basic math facts and learn the application of mathematical concepts.

SCIENCE: A basic curriculum using “hands on” experiences applied to life, physical, and earth sciences.

SOCIAL SCIENCE: This includes history, geography, and current events.

FINE ARTS: In the primary grades, music education emphasizes rhythms, listening skills, music history and appreciation along with vocal skills. In the upper grades, music education emphasizes music theory and application, music appreciation and history. Art education includes art application, history, and appreciation. Drama curriculum includes a drama and/or musical performance and participation in chapel services.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Instruction is given in physical fitness skills and concepts, individual and team sports, conditioning, health and fitness.  

COMPUTERS: This includes typing and computer skills and literacy, Internet skills, and computer application.

For more information regarding Trinity Lutheran's curriculum, contact Jane Fairbank at 805.238.0335