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 Preschool (Children ages 2 years to 5 years)

Trinity Lutheran Preschool recognizes that a preschool experience is often the child's first step into the world beyond family. Our goal at Trinity is to provide families of the community, church and school with a safe, educational Christ-centered early childhood experience. The early childhood program is designed to meet the developmental needs of children 2 years to 5 years of age. At Trinity we provide daily experiences that enrich and foster each child's spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Each day children have the opportunity to explore their creative side, develop problem solving skills and strengthen personal interaction skills through hands on experiences. We strive to assist parents in nurturing their children in the faith, while recognizing that the parents are the primary educators of their children.

Ladybugs (2 years before September 1st) - Our Preschool 2 program provides fun, educational activities that will further your child’s development. The social skills learned in the toddler class are fostered through teacher led activities and free play in centers. Independence is encouraged as students begin doing things for themselves such as putting on shoes and following directions. Potty training is a big part of this class and must be mastered before a child can move to the next class. Weekly theme units provide a variety of learning opportunities. Our two-year-olds are learning all about the world around them as they begin their journey toward Preschool and Kindergarten.

Bumblebees (3 years on or before September 1st) - Our Preschool 3 program is designed to ignite a love of learning in your child. In this class, structure is gradually increased through a balance of table activities, learning centers and group lessons. As children's attention span increases, they are able to pursue activities for longer periods of time and to concentrate more fully. Students are introduced to the alphabet and beginning sounds using Zoo Phonics. Social interactions are also a big part of our day. Students have plenty of time to interact and learn in a variety of learning centers.

Grasshoppers and Butterflies (4 years on or before September 1st) - Our Pre-Kindergarten Program has been designed to prepare your child for Kindergarten. The daily schedule includes a balance of teacher directed instruction, group activities and learning centers. Our Pre-kindergarteners also attends chapel twice monthly. We have earned the reputation of building a program that integrates a strong emphasis on Christian education, with a solid balance of learning and fun.

For more information on our preschool or a preschool tour, contact Kim Norman at 805.238.0335